New Webinar: ABCs of Marketing Your Blog and Brand


Building a brand with a blog takes a lot of time and effort, and results aren’t always immediately obvious. However, a blog is one of the cornerstones of content marketing. Without it, you lose the opportunity to attract new audiences while your website’s SEO rankings suffer from the lack of fresh content. How can you turn your blogging efforts into a home run for your brand?

On June 18th, we’ll show you new tools to add to your toolbox and knock that ball out of the park. Join us for our webinar, the ABCs of Marketing Your Blog and Brand, as our own Christopher Penn teaches how you can analyze your audience to determine who you should be blogging for, how to build and grow that audience with proven strategies and tactics and convert those audiences as fans – and customers – to make a bottom-line impact.

To give a sneak peek at what you’ll get out of the webinar, one of the things Chris will be sharing is how to double the conversion rate of your content landing pages and handle your boss’s request for metrics such as likes, +1, retweets as the measurement of engagement.

Of course, my favorite part is that there are Sherlock shenanigans involved!

If you’re struggling with your content marketing efforts and need fresh tactics to get out of a rut, go forth and register!

Chel Wolverton
Account Manager, Marketing Technology


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