6 Pinterest Changes You Might Have Missed

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Pinterest recently revealed a new, cleaner look for its Web and mobile platforms. Although not super obvious, if you’re using Pinterest for your business or managing an account for a company, you may want to take note of the user experience differences and benefits for you. Keep these new Pinterest changes below in mind when you’re thinking about your company’s strategy:

  • Not trying to be a social platform – This isn’t Twitter, so Pinterest has put its foot down and gotten rid of linked hashtags to make terms searchable or linkable.
  • Can you see me now? – When you click on an image the size and focus has been increased from 600 pixels wide to 700 pixels wide giving you a larger, clearer landscape for your photos. Obviously, if you’ve been uploading your own photos, be sure to adjust the resolution accordingly.
  • Sharing is caring, but here’s where the line is drawn – Pinterest no longer allows you to Tweet a pin at the same time you pin it or to like a board on Facebook. This may be a game changer for those managing accounts that got new likes by tying their Facebook accounts to Pinterest. If you want to share it, you’ll need to use a different service like Buffer or Hootsuite.
  • Go directly to the source or find more like it – There is now a website button that allows you to go directly to the page on the pin, easily driving more viewers directly to your website. Strongly consider using URL tracking like the tracking tools created for Google Analytics to measure how your pins are performing on your website!
  • It’s now even easier to explore – Pinterest now shows you pins from the same board on the upper right-hand side of the screen as well as and pins from the same source on the lower right hand-side of the screen, allowing you to tease your viewers and share your pins with even more eyes. They replicated this design to mobile and now also show pins from the same source as “people who pinned this also pinned:” in the new iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
  • Navigating has gotten much more intuitive – No more retracing your steps. Now when users scroll through pins and click on something, the back button brings you back to the place you were in so you don’t lose your spot while browsing the site. You can also click on a pin and explore an entire board without leaving the page you’re on. Talk about making it easy for viewers to stay on a page longer and get sidetracked!

Even though the overall look and feel  hasn’t changed too much, these features did, therefore your Pinterest game plan will need to be re-evaluated. Don’t forget, you can use Pinterest’s analytics tool to help you gauge your success and find out how well you’re reaching your audience.

Denise Bertrand
Account Executive


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