The 5th Gear: Marketing, PR, and Ideas for 11/04/13

5th Gear

One of SHIFT’s 7 core values are connected which means much more than just having a full Address Book app on your phone. Connected means knowing what’s going on, knowing what’s worth reading and sharing. Here are the top 5 most interesting reads that SHIFTers found this past week.

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10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy — This Chart Shows How

Vice President Christopher Penn on why this matters:

This is a fascinating piece over at PolicyMic on the consolidation of industries. 10 major corporations produce most of the consumer goods available, while 4 major banks control most of the consumer banking sector. As a citizen, you might rightly be concerned about the consolidation of power and wealth among these organizations. As a marketer, getting your foot in the door with any of the subsidiary brands and doing a great job might inch you up the ladder to being able to work with the mega-brand itself or jump laterally to other subsidiary brands.

How Data Could Kill Your Business

CEO Todd Defren on why this matters:

As someone always looking to find new and innovative ways to use data to drive businesses and brands, I read this post by Tom Webster with interest. I’m all for things being faster or cheaper, but not at the expense of quality and doing a smart, honorable job. Tom’s post highlights what happens when you sacrifice quality for speed or cost.

The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Senior Marketing Analyst Chel Wolverton on why this matters:

Jaw dropping and awe-inspiring images will make you want to travel to places like nobody’s business. I think images like this are inspiring, not only from an “I want to go there” perspective but in a way that helps us see beyond ourselves and the moment we’re in.

Coding Made Easy with Scratch

Learning and Development Coordinator Kristina Norris on why this matters:

Scratch is a great tool to help you learn coding in a very friendly way while not worrying about the syntax (language). It really helped me get the basic concepts of coding and I love it! If you’re looking to explore coding in a way that’s also head-friendly as a non-coder (which is most marketing and PR professionals), this is a great tool.


Team SHIFT on Movember and why this matters:

Did you know that 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women, will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? No, well now you know one of the reasons why we have a SHIFT Movember team asking for donations this month. If you can support the SHIFT team, please do.

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst


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