One of my favorite things about working at SHIFT is that we’re encouraged to move beyond the bread and butter and indulge the most off-the-wall ideas. We’re constantly challenged with thinking outside the box, but sometimes our day-to-day routines get us caught in a rut, leaving us feeling stifled and out of creative ideas.

Luckily, it just takes a few subtle actions to hit the refresh button and get those creative juices flowing again. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Get outside: Going for a walk around the block always helps me think, and I can also draw inspiration from my surroundings. Grab a friend, too – getting fresh air can make “walking brainstorms” more productive than your regular white boarding sessions.
  • Change locations: It’s true that a remote work situation doesn’t mesh with everyone. However, working remotely once a week has a huge impact on me. Even just going across the street from the office to the nearby Starbucks can open your eyes to new ideas — you hear new sounds, you see new people.
  • Branch out: Brainstorm with folks outside of your team and/or wheelhouse. Planning an event for your security client? Invite the consumer tech team that just did one in New York. Feeling in a rut about a pitch? Ask your neighbor who always seems to be locking down those proactive campaigns.
  • Ask a Newbie: Some of our biggest and brightest ideas have come from those whose imaginations are still unjaded, people who are brand new to the PR game. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve doubted my own ideas just because it “hasn’t worked before.” If you want to come up with badass hashtags or want cars suspended from Times Square, ask the young guns.
  • Treat Yourself: Sometimes refreshing your mind is as simple as taking a few minutes to do something you love – could be playing your favorite song, grabbing frozen yogurt or checking your favorite news site. It’s re-energizing to soothe your soul with something familiar.

Good luck! #GetOutside

Danielle Coe
Account Manager


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