5 more ways to never run out of content to create

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Early in this blog’s life, we shared some ideas how to be sure you never run out of content for blogging. With content creation on everyone’s mind these days, I thought we could revisit that and share some other ways to create valuable content for your audience and keep the backlog of ideas full.

1. Viewpoints. If you’re smart and work with other people who are smart, there’s going to be different viewpoints on a topic within your company. If one of your co-workers mentions an opposing viewpoint or if you know they’ll have a differing opinion, ask them to write 500 words about their opinion for the company blog. It’s a great way to garner discussion within and outside of any business.

2. Short tutorials. With the gazillion and a quarter tools available to those of us who use social media, marketing automation, analytics, and other type of tools, we know that evaluating the effectiveness of new tools is time consuming. Why not use the time that you are learning about a new tool to teach others about how it works? Once you have a grip on how things operate, record a tutorial of useful aspects for your industry.

3. Conference news. Attending events? Take notes and write about your experiences. For example, this week is Dreamforce ’13 and Chris wrote yesterday about his ideas around behind is the customer. Attending sessions and speaking to people, especially outside of your industry, will spark ideas you can share with your industry via your blog.

4. Culture / current news. Typhoon Haiyan and relief efforts/donations. The wonders of BatKid. SharkWeek. This list could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea. Don’t try to shoehorn those stories into “what you can learn from x posts”, tell the story itself in your own voice or simply share it with your audience so they gain the same experience you had of your heart melting watching BatKid save San Francisco.

5. Fun things. Sometimes it’s good to have a little fun, even in a business environment as our culture events would suggest. With the holidays coming up there is bound to be some great content that you could blog around. Again, avoid “the lessons of” posts and write something fun and short simply to share the content with your audience.

What will work for you will vary depending on your company culture and what type of content is expected. If you find yourself struggling with something to write on any given day, hopefully these will spark some ideas of your own. Have other ideas that may help? Share them with others in the comments.

Chel Wolverton
Senior Marketing Analyst


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