3 simple tests for evaluating MixBit and any new social media tool

Every day, there’s a new social media tool that someone is promoting as either “the next X” or “the X killer”, where X is the current popular tool. It’s a struggle for any PR or marketing professional to keep up with them all and to know which ones to test out and which ones to leave behind. For example, one of the latest buzz-worthy contenders in the media space is MixBit, another online video tool. To test it out, we made a short video explaining 3 simple tests for evaluating MixBit or any new media tool.

For those who can’t see the video or watch the video at work:

1. Does the new tool’s function and purpose fit in with your existing goals and resources? After all, if it’s a mismatch, there’s no need to test it out and pursue it. Obviously, for PR professionals and marketers, something in the video space tends to make sense more often than not.

2. Does the new tool have buzz? This is measured by tools like Google Trends and/or Fresh Web Explorer. If your goal is more audience, more people interested in what you’re doing, then you’ll want to be involved and active just at the point of inflection or shortly thereafter.

Fresh Web Explorer: Track Keyword Trends & Mentions | Moz

3. When you check into the new tool, are trusted colleagues and known early adopters already there? If the answer is no, then it might not have the momentum you’re looking for.

All 3 makes for a resounding yes, you should be using it. If any tool fails test #1, bail on it. If a tool has test #1 and one of the other two criteria, give it a go as you have time and resources.

Does MixBit pass your tests?

Christopher S. Penn
Vice President, Marketing Technology


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