The benefits SHIFT offers are always expanding, fueling the company’s desire to cultivate an environment where team cohesion, life balance and fertile ground for innovation and exploration are considered the norm, not a perk. – PR News
At SHIFT we believe the benefits, both traditional and non-traditional, are the cornerstones to an exceptional workplace. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a SHIFTer:

Health, Dental and Vision Plan

SHIFT offers outstanding BCBS PPO health, dental and vision insurance for the individual, individual plus one or the whole family. Each year we work hard to keep the cost to our employees affordable. Our employees can receive reimbursements and discounts through programs like Healthy Actions, BCBS’s fitness and weight loss programs and Blue365, all while staying healthy and being active.

Company-Matched 401K

For all employees, SHIFT offers a 401(k) plan through Ascensus. Eligibility is met after satisfying a 90 day waiting period. SHIFTers have the option of before-tax contributions or after-tax Roth contributions.

Disability and Life Insurance

Most employees don’t often think about “what ifs” as related to disability, but at SHIFT we provide these protections to all employees at no cost to you! Additionally, SHIFT provides life insurance equal to one time your salary, also at no cost to you. Just another way SHIFT tries to provide a little piece of mind.

Flexible Spending Account

SHIFT offers a Section 125 Plan through the Ameriflex Group. Employees may withhold pre-tax dollars for reimbursable out-of- pocket medical expenses, dependent care costs and transit commuter costs.

Laptops for All SHIFTers

The latest technology initiative aimed towards making work easier has made it possible for SHIFT to provide every new employee a laptop. So whether you are heading to a client meeting and need to take notes or you are packing the laptop to work from home, laptops for all makes life a little bit easier at SHIFT.

Comprehensive Time Off Program

As part of SHIFTS work/life balance philosophy, SHIFT offers a generous time off package, including vacation time, holiday time, sick time AND personal time! All employees are encouraged to take time off for fun, friends, family, hobbies, or whatever it is that helps you recharge.

Parental Leave

SHIFT provides two weeks of paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child in addition to mandated state and federal benefits.

Sabbatical Program

Loyalty should be rewarded, and at SHIFT if you reach 5 years of consecutive service you’re eligible for a one month sabbatical.

Telecommuting and Flex Schedules

At SHIFT we believe flexibility and autonomy yield respect and hard work. SHIFT offers the ability to telecommute or work a flex schedule when the arrangement meets both the needs of the employee and the agency.

Volunteer Time Off

Ever wish you had a spare day to help at a homeless shelter or nail a few shingles for Habitat for Humanity? We encourage SHIFTers to give back. Volunteering helps the community and helps the soul.

Voting Time Off

The leadership at SHIFT believes that our duties as U.S. citizens trump our duties even to clients, and thus, you are all strongly urged to take the time to vote! Mid- term election? Local election? Republican? Democrat? Independent? Libertarian? Green Party? Who cares?! Just VOTE.

Office Exchange

Curious to visit Boston for a cup of chowdah? NYC to get a close up view of Lady Liberty? Stroll through Muir Woods amongst the majestic redwood trees OR walk along South Congress Avenue in Austin? Now you can, with the SHIFT office exchange program. SHIFTers can make arrangements to work out of any of SHIFT office during their stay and not take the vacation time hit.

Food-Filled Kitchens

Snack, snacks and more snacks. Breakfast fixings, lunch accessories, fresh fruit and more! Throw in fresh-brewed coffee and tea. Even a kegerator in every office. We keep our kitchens stocked for when you get a hankering for a little something no matter the time of day.

Summer Flex Fridays

It’s summer! Time to enjoy the weather and channel your inner child. SHIFT sends you on your way at 3:00pm every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day! Whether you are heading to the beach or a quiet mountain retreat, we want you to get a jump start on the weekend.

Employee Referral Bonus

Hands down, SHIFTers are our best talent scouts. To show our employees how important their referrals are to the agency, we offer generous bonuses for any level referral. The more senior the role, the bigger the referral!

Employee Assistance Plan

SHIFT offers the Work-Life Balance EAP program at no additional charge to employees. It can help you find solutions for the everyday challenges of work and home and more serious issues involving emotional and physical well-being. From childcare referral to legal consultations, this service is free and confidential.

Discounted Zipcar

All SHIFTers are eligible for discounted individual plans to zipcar, including discounted weekday rates and fifty percent off the annual fee.

HealthySHIFT Wellness Program

Stay healthy. Stay fit. Join the office walking group, attend local healthy activities posted in each office, join the softball team, or the summer arms workout…be active! SHIFT reimburses a modest amount towards a healthy activity of your choice. Healthy head and health hearts matter.

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