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paybookFacebook has made no secret of the fact that it wants brands and companies to pay more – a lot more. With daily gentle nudges to promote posts each day, it’s easy to lose sight of both how much you actually NEED to pay and how much you’ll spend cumulatively.

Our Facebook Page Cost Calculator will help you understand what dollar amount you’re likely to need to pay just to have your Page posts seen by your existing audience of Likes.

Calculate the Cost of Your Facebook Page’s Promoted Posts!

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A note about the algorithm: We examined 30 different pages of varying industries and sizes that we have administrative access to. All of those pages had similar pay-to-play ratios of dollars spent to page being shown to a large enough audience to be seen, approximately a penny per two Likes. The algorithm above uses a basic average vs. the number of Likes your Page has.

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Note: due to exceptionally high demand, the calculator was returning blank results. We’ve fixed it!


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