Exclusive Preview: Beating The Generative AI Media Hype Cycle

While the impact of artificial intelligence is hotly contested, there’s no arguing that an AI hype cycle has arrived. That’s especially true for generative AI (genAI), the latest battleground for business strategy, product roadmaps, communications and PR.

In tech, Gartner’s® Hype Cycle™ maps the maturation of emerging technologies. In the media, news coverage tends to follow a similar trajectory. And the companies that inch out ahead in the market won’t do so just because they have cool tech, but by understanding and staying one step ahead of this media hype cycle.

To help you do that, we uncovered what’s shaping genAI news coverage and outlined the phases of a media hype cycle along with the opportunities in each one.

Check out the report on how to outlast the hype and let us know what you think.

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