March Mohu Madness


Successfully launch Mohu’s new Channels TV streaming product via a Kickstarter campaign

Generate broad consumer and industry awareness for Channels

Raise $35,000 and drive direct sales of 1,000 Channels units


Launch an integrated earned and paid media campaign to support Kickstarter donations and product sales

Target potential backers and existing audiences via e-mail newsletter and advertising on social networks using Facebook and Twitter Custom Audiences

Engage media through strategic outreach and in-person product demos throughout the month of March


Secured 49 positive articles in top tier outlets including USA Today, Forbes and Lifehacker

Moved more than 1,000 units in just 45 days

Achieved funding goal of $35,000 in just two days and hit five additional stretch goals, bringing the total amount raised to $144,890

Generated 16,841 impressions from Twitter Custom Audience Advertising, with a click-thru rate of 4.94%, and generated 18,418 impressions from Facebook Custom Audience Advertising, with a click-thru rate of 15.2%

Digital advertising campaign led to $4,536 in earnings, with a 178% ROI

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