H&R Block

Syndicating Earned & Owned Media

Raise awareness for H&R Block’s infographics, extending the life of owned content

Drive eyeballs to Block Talk and increase content sharing

Increase views of earned media coverage, encouraging additional click throughs to the blog


Outreach to relevant, high-traffic media to garner pick up of infographic

Syndicate owned content, as well as earned media, to drive additional click throughs to Block Talk and garner sharing via Facebook

Craft 15-20 catchy titles to achieve highest CTR potential and drive CPC down, extending the length of the allocated budget


  • Paid syndication efforts garnered over 61,000,000 impressions for H&R Block infographics to date
  • Syndication of coverage in Business Insider alone resulted in over 5 million impressions, driving over 400 Facebook shares
  • Overall, the infographics have received over 96,000 additional click throughs
  • Syndicated infographics on Block Talk generated over 3,500 additional shares via Facebook

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