COVID-19 Resources

During COVID-19, our priority has been to support our people and clients, helping them navigate the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.

One thing that’s for certain: We can’t assume that what worked before will work after. Thriving in this new era will require reinvention. Below is a curation of resources to help you reimagine your communications and marketing programs.

Supporting Clients through COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, our clients adapted to meet market changes. We were there to help, finding the right ways to tell their stories and engage with media.


We created SHIFT/reboot – a combination of audits, workshops and actionable plan development – to help clients get back to market smarter and differently than before.

News & Sentiment Mapping

Every other week, the Insights Team from our network maps topic and sentiment around Coronavirus. We’re including the most recent findings here.

eBook: Consumer Brand Response to COVID-19

Learn how brands have adapted communications in response to COVID-19 and the implications for engaging consumers in a post-pandemic world.

Communications Considerations

Our shared perspective, considerations and expertise from SHIFT and across the AVENIR GLOBAL network:

The ‘Ripple Effect’ on Clinical Trials

The Ripple Effect website from our parent company AVENIR GLOBAL’s healthcare communications firms offers resources on COVID-19’s impact on the healthcare industry.

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