Content Marketing with SHIFT

When it comes to content marketing, you know a consistent blog post schedule can help improve SEO, the best infographics can become social media fodder, and bylines can be turned into rapid response commentary for earned media hits. Unfortunately, so do your competitors.

If your competitors are gaining more customers (read: making more money) than you,
you are most likely creating content that is easy to ignore.

SHIFT’s three-part data-driven approach to forming a content marketing strategy – research, evaluate, measure – can help. Without research, your content is only as good as the next guys (read: bad). Without evaluation, why even try? Without measurement, how do we know if our efforts are impacting the bottom line?

Why What How

Engage SHIFT for your owned, paid and earned media needs and we’ll show you how your company and brand can shine, get attention from the audiences that will benefit you most, and take back the money you’re leaving on the table.

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