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Savoring my Sabbatical

One of SHIFT’s core values is #dedicated – to the firm, our clients and our amazing team. One of the newest benefits our progressive agency offers is a sabbatical program. And this August, I enjoyed every minute of it! I started planning a few months ahead. It was so much fun to relish in the…

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Finding Your Own Work-Life Balance

Not long ago, in a 1:1 meeting with a junior staffer, the subject of “work-life balance” came up. It’s an issue we are fiercely committed to always be tackling, so we ask questions about it a lot. In this particular conversation, the employee tried to call me out by keeping tabs on my own schedule.…

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The Working Mom: Balancing a PR Career & Being a New Mom

Being a parent, not to mention a new parent, is hard. Things like colic, teething and your child’s first broken bone, can leave you feeling exhausted and helpless – and that is all before you step foot in the office. I recently read Arik Hanson’s blog post that questions whether or not PR agencies are…

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The Balancing “Act”: Finding a Culture That Fits Work-Life Balance

You hear these terms all the time: “corporate culture” and “work-life balance.” But, what is “corporate culture” exactly, and is there really such a thing as “work-life balance”? I remember coming in for my SHIFTern interview a few months ago and hearing a fellow SHIFTer comment that she hates the term “work-life balance.” As she put it,…

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