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Six Media Consumption Secret Weapons for PR Professionals

As PR professionals, we’re glued to the news. We’re hungry to stay updated on the latest trends and breaking stories, never knowing where that next campaign idea or pitch angle will come from. Sure, we stay in-the-know on PR, marketing and mobile/social industry news, as well as our clients’ industries, but there’s also a need…

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3 Small Gmail Tools with Big Impact for PR & Marketing Pros

Ever send an email you instantly regretted? Of course you have. We all have. The misspelled name. The forgotten attachment. The horror of the accidental “reply all.” We can check, double check and triple check every email before sending, but occasionally human error gets in the way. As PR pros, I’m sure everyone has felt…

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Our Public Relations Toolbox

Another day, another tool or app is introduced in the name of productivity and making lives easier. Sometimes we find a gem and sometimes we grasp at a shiny new app only to find out the old one does it better. When it comes to public relations, what’s truly useful out there? We asked SHIFTers…

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