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Transitioning into your Promotion

Balancing Act: Transitioning into Your Promotion

As a junior-level PR pro, there will be few times in your career as stressful and demanding as when you are promoted. Whether it’s a promotion from intern to account coordinator, or account coordinator to account executive, you will likely retain old tasks for a bit of time in addition to assuming the responsibilities of…

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The 80/20 Rule

Marketing and PR Innovation: The 80/20 Rule

Public Relations and Marketing are fast paced industries. I have days (weeks, really) where it’s non-stop from the moment I open my eyes in the morning all the way through to closing them again at night. Days fly by and I have to ask myself, “did I accomplish anything?” I’ve been asking myself that question…

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Mastering the Small Stuff (It’s Not Really All That Small)

Agency life can be … overwhelming to say the least. Especially if you’re new to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of college or if you’re coming off an in-house stint. It’s a fast-paced environment where you’re counted on to become an expert on a number of industries at any one time. Sure,…

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Don’t Surrender to Stress: Tips to Better Manage Time

One of my favorite phrases in this industry will always be, say it with me, “it’s PR not ER.” Although valid, as professionals we still feel the stress of a fast-paced office environment and daily routine, with the constant pressure to be nearly flawless, quick, on our toes and effortlessly creative. The bottom line is,…

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It’s PR, Not ER: How To Stay Sane When Everything is Coming Undone

If you’ve been doing PR long enough, you have had moments when your heart is pumping, your palms are sweating and you know that there is just way too much to do and not enough time to do it. The stress of multiple deadlines, competing priorities and never-ending fire drills is getting to you. You…

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