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How To Stay Productive In the Summer: Remote Edition

Picture this: The sun is hot. The days are long. You breathe in the ocean air as the beach beckons you. Summer is here and it feels oh-so-good … … then your desk phone rings and snaps you out of your summer daze. A harsh reminder that you’re still at work for another few hours…

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Finding Your Own Work-Life Balance

Not long ago, in a 1:1 meeting with a junior staffer, the subject of “work-life balance” came up. It’s an issue we are fiercely committed to always be tackling, so we ask questions about it a lot. In this particular conversation, the employee tried to call me out by keeping tabs on my own schedule.…

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A Newbie’s Guide to Working Remotely

Working remotely is a reality of today’s workforce. There are arguments for (It’s better for business!) and against (In-office culture is what powers a business!), but there is no denying that telecommuting is a thing. And it’s not going anywhere. This is a topic I’ve become passionate about because, well, I’m a remote worker. I…

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