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Unicorns, Upscaling and the State of Massachusetts Technology

There are a few interrelated themes that have gotten a lot of play in technology press over the past few months. First is that per Fortune, we’re in the age of unicorns, pre-IPO companies with at least $1 Billion valuation. This is quickly followed by the converse questioning of “are there too many unicorns?” and are we…

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B2B Marketers: Even more data is coming, are you ready?

The world seems awash in data with trends like IoT, wearables and big data dominating the headlines.  For a B2B marketer, these headlines can feel very consumer oriented and likely not relevant.  They are most concerned with data that falls into their marketing domain (email, web traffic, social, earned media measurement) and feeding sales as much as possible. …

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Don’t Panic: How To Analyze Social Media and Tech Vendors

One of the problems facing every company in social media and digital marketing is the crazy number of choices available when it comes to tools, vendors, etc. Not one of us has an infinite amount of time to analyze all that come to our door/phone/inbox. How then do we evaluate ALL the vendors and their capabilities to…

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Can you automate PR?

Notable journalist Tom Foremski recently asked whether PR can be automated, especially given the advances in automation in the advertising world. In it, he states: The PR industry is heading for a serious showdown with ad agencies gunning for PR budgets. Ad agencies have algorithmic buying and selling of ads, there is already a large…

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