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What Sets Technology PR Apart from Other Types of PR

Approaching my first year working in technology public relations, I’ve started to reflect on how much technology PR differs from my former life in corporate PR. In my past, I spent time working with nonprofits and now I pitch tech trade outlets (some of which I didn’t know existed). I used to put tech media…

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B2B Marketers: Even more data is coming, are you ready?

The world seems awash in data with trends like IoT, wearables and big data dominating the headlines.  For a B2B marketer, these headlines can feel very consumer oriented and likely not relevant.  They are most concerned with data that falls into their marketing domain (email, web traffic, social, earned media measurement) and feeding sales as much as possible. …

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Why every startup requires PR

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently by investors and venture capitalists is whether a startup should make the investment in a good public relations program. While the obvious answer (from a PR agency perspective) is a resounding yes, we thought it would make good sense to explain why. The role of public relations…

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