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maximizing a budget for startups

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your PR Budget for Startups

Maximizing a modest budget is commonplace for startups. That’s especially true when it comes to PR. Partnering with a PR firm is an important investment for marketers, but in order to be successful they need to be able to work with an agency that knows how to be scrappy during slow periods, while ramping up…

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Lessons from Unicorns

If you work with startups, then you know that unicorns are quite real. Defined as a startup whose valuation exceeds $1B, unicorn companies have come a long way from being the stuff of venture-funded myth. These companies are seeing their fair share of time in the spotlight and recognition for the unusual qualities that make…

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Getting Coverage as a B2B Startup

Being a startup comes with many challenges: developing, funding, getting users .. the list goes on. When you’re a B2B startup, you face those same challenges and the realization that your packaging may not always be as shiny as that new dating app or ride sharing service. But as we all know, B2B startups can…

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