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Is Your Startup Ready for PR?

Every startup needs PR.* *Eventually. There’s no question about whether your startup needs PR (because yes, it does.) The better question to ask is, “Does my startup need PR right now?”. PR is an investment that has huge payoffs if done right. But initiating PR efforts when the essential ingredients for success are missing is a…

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Getting Coverage as a B2B Startup

Being a startup comes with many challenges: developing, funding, getting users .. the list goes on. When you’re a B2B startup, you face those same challenges and the realization that your packaging may not always be as shiny as that new dating app or ride sharing service. But as we all know, B2B startups can…

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Why every startup requires PR

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently by investors and venture capitalists is whether a startup should make the investment in a good public relations program. While the obvious answer (from a PR agency perspective) is a resounding yes, we thought it would make good sense to explain why. The role of public relations…

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