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A Marketer’s Rainy Day: Social Media Efforts Checklist

Social media is more popular than ever, playing a major role in the top news stories of 2016, from international sporting events to US politics. Tweets about the Rio Olympics generated 75 billion impressions. Instagram reached 600 million users. Facebook saw a staggering 1.79 billion monthly active users. Despite these numbers, many brands have seen…

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What does that buy us?

“People buy tactics in times of uncertainty. They buy strategy when times are good.” My friend Chris Brogan said that and it struck me as profound. We’ve seen this in our own business: when the budget axe chops into Marketing, the conversation can quickly move from “What’s the right thing for us to do to move…

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Best Practices for B2B Social Media

B2B brands: Don’t let anyone say you aren’t important. Or that people don’t care about what you have to say. Or that the last thing anyone would want to do is tweet with you or like one of your posts on Facebook. Because you even though your focus is businesses, you still market and sell to people.…

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