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Why Instagram’s “Barter Economy” is a Good Thing

…For marketers, influencers, and consumers. Last week, The New York Times published a piece on how influential Instagrammers are being courted by luxury brands with offers of free swag and other out-of-this-world perks in exchange for photos. We’re talking “all-expenses paid trips to Iceland” levels of incredible. AdWeek also chimed in with a follow-up article…

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Show ‘Em Some Love: Social Media Best Practices for Consumer Brands

We’ve all heard our fair share of radio show call-in segments. You know, the ones discussing dating advice (or horrors) and roommate gripes. While driving to work this week, I listened to a segment that caught my ear; the topic was a bit different than usual. The DJs were asking listeners to call in and…

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The Beginning: How To Get Started on Social Media in 4 Steps

In a day and age where not being on social media is an anomaly, it’s hard to think of a brand or business who hasn’t dipped its toe in the social waters. Believe it or not, they do exist. And for those brands, making the jump onto social media can be a scary thought. Where…

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