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Matt Cutts: Stop Using Guest Blogging to Game SEO

Yesterday, Matt Cutts of the Google webspam team published a post on his personal blog calling for an end to guest blogging as an SEO strategy. Let’s be clear, he did NOT say that guest blogging is dead. Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014,…

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How the Google Trends Topics Update Will Shake Up Your Content

Google Trends released a new beta feature (topics) this week that points, once again, to how exactly search is changing. It’s not hard to predict that Google will continue to make changes to search in 2014 along these lines, but let’s dig into what this update does and its importance. Not familiar with Google Trends? It’s…

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Google Only Wants to Kill Bad PR Agencies

Or Google’s Dark Secret? Photo Credit: Karen Roe via Compfight cc Over the past couple weeks, we’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding the way to use links in press releases so as not to make the big green Google giant mad. To be clear, Google isn’t fighting a war against public relations companies, they’re…

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Bad Press Releases Can Hurt Your SEO

Press releases can now harm your SEO rankings. Let’s say that again, because it’s a big change in mindset for marketers and public relations professionals. Press releases can now harm your SEO rankings. In the past, companies have wanted to stuff their press releases with relevant keywords about their news to pass SEO page rank…

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