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Embracing the Data-Driven PR Future (And Math)

Some public relations professionals have said they entered the field to avoid complex math. It seemed like a pretty safe bet. No longer. The Internet has significantly changed the way every industry works. As communications becomes more digital, more quantified, and more data-driven, the pressure is on for pros to be as comfortable with data collection,…

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How bad research undermines your business

A well-informed strategy of any kind must be supported with reliable data. No matter the industry or organization size, if a company makes decisions based on bad data, it’s likely to adversely affect the business and its revenue. Yet in marketing and PR, we are all too familiar with the headstrong executive that insists on changing…

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Is your PR plan ignoring 124 million people?

Thinking about how to maximize your PR reach? After attending Edison Research’s presentation of the Infinite Dial study, we found a number of compelling pieces of data that showcase why audio, podcasting, and traditional radio cannot be ignored. Paid, earned and owned media isn’t limited to written words. While Vine and Instagram video showcased to the…

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Fix your website with Google Consumer Surveys Website Satisfaction Tool

Want to find out how satisfying the experience your website is to visitors?  Meet Google Consumer Surveys’ Website Satisfaction tool in our short video below. Usually this type of analysis will cost your business thousands of dollars to accomplish. Now you can use Google’s Website Satisfaction Survey for free. If you have some custom questions (consider how…

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