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Buzzwords to avoid when pitching

Buzzwords to Avoid When Pitching ANYONE

Imagine: you and your team work tirelessly to develop a solid PR plan for your client, chock full of creative story angles. Finally, it’s pitching time —but despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to get media interest. Why? Journalists and editors have many reasons for passing on pitches. Many claim to receive 200 plus…

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How to Build a Data-Driven PR Pitch

“Data-driven” isn’t a buzz word meant to make clients Ooo and Ahhh at its sheer mention. It’s a way of PR life that should guide each decision made in the pitching journey. To be data-driven means to drive using data as our navigational aid. The deliberate choices made on the path to get there, in the best…

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The Most Important Question You Forgot to Ask in Your RFP

RFPs are rough – for everyone involved. The company that has to create it and then sift through all the responses and the hours of unbillable time that agencies put in to responding with the hope of cutting through all the clutter. Most RFPs are long and arduous and ask many of the same questions.…

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SHIFT Healthcare Q&A Part 1: Tradeshow Outreach

Event outreach for PR professionals can be a daunting task that starts months and months before the actual event. But all of that planning is done in vain if the execution isn’t perfect in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the event. It’s these critical couple of weeks where all the planning turns into action…

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Three Tips to Nail a New Business Pitch

In agency land it’s not just about keeping our current clients happy, but also adding new clients to the roster. Those who are new to PR, and even some seasoned professionals, often get nervous during new business pitches. Let’s face it, sitting and talking in front of a room full of strangers isn’t always easy.…

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Incorporating the Media Business Model into Pitches

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at outbound media pitches and reconsidering the way we should be approaching media. As PR professionals, we tend to fall into a comfortable pattern. We’re given a piece of news from a client and, based upon our knowledge of the media, we shape up a pitch. As…

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Delivering the Packaged Story: A Recipe for Success

After years of going to new business pitches, participating in new client kick-off meetings and even chatting through our weekly check-in meetings with clients, one question almost always pops up: “How do we get into top business and trade publications?” While some PR people might shy away from this question, I personally love it. In…

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