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Phone pitching

Phone Pitching 101

  Picture this: It’s Monday morning and your client informs you that the launch you’ve been planning has been moved up to Wednesday! As a PR pro, you know things change last minute, so this news doesn’t rattle your cage. However, it’s CRUNCH time and you need media feedback as soon as possible to make…

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public relations strategies

Public Relations Strategies: Redux

A few years ago we published a blog post titled “Public Relations and Media Relations: What’s the difference?” here on the SHIFT blog.  The post highlighted how to differentiate between public relations and media relations – explaining that media relations is just one of many public relations strategies. Today, we wanted to share a refresh…

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traditional media

2016 – A Year in Traditional Media

As SHIFT and the entire industry continues to evolve there is always the question… Is traditional media relations dead?  From the perspective of the consumer team in the Boston office the answer is a resounding, NO!  Each member of the team has a particular hit that they are extremely proud of purely based on the…

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Company Launch

A Company Launch: The Story of Bringing SiFive Out of Stealth

When we landed SiFive as a client earlier this year, they presented us with an interesting challenge. We were tasked with gaining awareness and traction for a company launch out of stealth…for a company that wasn’t quite stealth. The backdrop: the semiconductor market has been rapidly shrinking due to consolidation, making it difficult for anyone except the…

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Media Relations

Top Media Relations Challenges & How to Solve Them

As an account executive on the account services team at SHIFT, my role is focused primarily on media relations as it pertains to my client roster. I work closely with reporters and bloggers to get ink for my clients, which for me are B2B technology vendors. Although media relations is a blast, it has its…

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Delivering the Packaged Story: A Recipe for Success

After years of going to new business pitches, participating in new client kick-off meetings and even chatting through our weekly check-in meetings with clients, one question almost always pops up: “How do we get into top business and trade publications?” While some PR people might shy away from this question, I personally love it. In…

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How To Turn An Interview Into Coverage a Year Later

When you ask a client what their dream publication/piece of coverage is, nine times out of ten they will name a top tier business publication: Forbes, Fortune, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. When I hear this it simultaneously makes me apprehensive and excited. While these hits are sometimes the hardest to come…

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Want to Repeat that Awesome Broadcast Hit? Here’s What NOT to Do.

(Caution: This post contains lots of hockey references – apologies to non-sports fans) For many clients, broadcast coverage is the pinnacle of our PR efforts. For PR pros that means racking our brains for every possible angle to secure that valuable air time – both local and national. While I’m sure every pitch has a…

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Shark Week: Media bait, or PR peeps chomping at the bit?

As both a PR pro and a completely rational citizen of the world, I love Shark Week. From an industry standpoint, I’m amazed at how the Discovery Channel has successfully created an annual event that is both a perennial PR boon for sharks and an increasingly popular platform for brands to get exposure through paid…

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How to Build Rapport and Pitch Media Using Twitter

Ah, Twitter: Land of snarky comments, pithy observations, celebrity smack downs, breaking news, and, if you’re a savvy enough public relations professional, pitching opportunities. Twitter is a social media platform that sometimes gets a bad reputation as confusing, overwhelming, and just another social network to manage – which, there is some truth to – but,…

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