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Phone pitching

Phone Pitching 101

  Picture this: It’s Monday morning and your client informs you that the launch you’ve been planning has been moved up to Wednesday! As a PR pro, you know things change last minute, so this news doesn’t rattle your cage. However, it’s CRUNCH time and you need media feedback as soon as possible to make…

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Media Tips

Three Media Tips for Your B2B PR Program

Many of our B2B PR programs focus heavily on media relations. Our clients are changing their customer’s lives, but often have a tough time translating their successes to media coverage. That’s where we come in. A well-rounded PR program will have a steady flow of coverage, even in between news cycles, across business and trade…

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How Social Media has Changed Traditional Media

The way we absorb and communicate information and news online has changed drastically since social media was born. For one, traditional media is no longer a one-way avenue of communication: now, consumers can participate in the conversation and influence the news. Social media has also allowed news to be accessed in real time, for instance…

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3 Reasons Small Business Needs Social Media

We’ve all seen it before. You try to find information on a local business through social media, only to find a few accounts frozen in time. Even worse, sometimes the business doesn’t have social media accounts at all. After a routine Google search for at least a webpage belonging to the business, you come back…

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The March Toward Brand Journalism Continues

Yesterday we shared a brilliant post written by Jay Baer about the greatest hoodwink ever, social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are primarily media companies. The social aspect? That’s everyone’s job. If you’ve shared links, discussed the news with friends, or written a lengthy post about current events on any of the social sites…

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