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PR and Marketing Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for PR and Marketing Pros

Every year, people around the world pledge to make New Year’s Resolutions. These promises come in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately serve as a way for folks to set goals to better themselves during the year ahead. While personal resolutions will vary, although maybe not as much as you think, there are a handful…

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Finance Companies

Finance Companies: The 4 Obstacles Facing Your Marketing Department Part 1

Are you a CMO of one of the many competing finance companies, faced with defending your marketing team’s budgets all too often? Do you see your team spinning their wheels, constantly working with all areas of the organization with few qualified leads to show (beyond the typical RFP requests)? According to the CMO Survey as…

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What is Marketing Technology?

Marketing technology. You’ve heard the term in presentations. You’ve seen it in industry news. It’s changing marketing forever. But you still may be left wondering, “What IS marketing technology?” In short: Marketing met IT and marketing technology is their offspring. Let’s examine the corporate strategic landscape to understand what marketing technology is. In the chart…

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Time for B2B Marketers to Pay Attention to Slack?

Marketers need to go where the audience is, and these days that seems to be on Slack. Launched just over two years ago, the platform has seen rapid adoption across the enterprise in a way not seen since the original days of Chatter and Yammer.  The difference for Slack, of course, is that you don’t…

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Key Marketing Lessons for PR Pros

In the spring of 2015, SHIFT launched its cutting-edge Marketing Technology Immersion (MTI) program to help the agency develop a better understanding of SHIFT’s data-driven approach to communications and client services. The program offers SHIFTers the opportunity to participate in an educational course that allows traditional PR pros like myself the chance to dip our…

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SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q2 2015

As each year comes to a close, we like to sneak a peek into the SHIFT archives to see our content hits and misses. When devising a content strategy for a new year, it’s important to take note of what worked (and why) to plan what’s to come next year. Want to see how to…

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2016 year of marketing

2016: The Year of the (Marketing) Monkey

PR and Marketing finds itself living “in interesting times.”  2015 found brands reevaluating their agency relationships in an unprecedented way, turning over partners looking for a better mix of nimble, efficient and integrated.  That last part is the most interesting to me.  It feels like the definition of integrated is moving to a business term…

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The plural of anecdote is not data

Have you ever had an opinion? Of course you have. As marketers, we reply on people having opinions to do our jobs. Have you ever heard the same story from five different people, leaving you not knowing which version was correct? This phenomenon is called Post hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin: “after this, therefore because of…

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Tips for Email Marketing

How often do you check out of a store and get asked for your email address? Pretty often, I’d wager. Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers, but there are several things you want to keep in mind when crafting your plan. How Often They’re Sent Consistency is a…

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Google Analytics Quiz

Google Analytics can be an amazing tool…if you know how to use it. It gives PR and marketing professionals a glimpse into our websites, and allows us to make smart, data-driven decisions. Trouble is, all the data in the world is no use if you don’t know what it means. Think you’ve got the chops to tackle Google Analytics’ toughest…

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