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Interview with Emily Wienberg

Interview with Account Manager Emily Wienberg

From time to time, we like to open a window into what life is like here at SHIFT. We pride ourselves on our smart, dedicated (and who can forget ballsy) culture. This week, we check in with Emily Wienberg, an Account Manager based in our Boston office. Emily gives us a glimpse of how her…

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SHIFT Healthcare Q&A Part 1: Tradeshow Outreach

Event outreach for PR professionals can be a daunting task that starts months and months before the actual event. But all of that planning is done in vain if the execution isn’t perfect in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the event. It’s these critical couple of weeks where all the planning turns into action…

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SHIFTxSW: Interview with Hugh Forrest, Director of SXSW Interactive

SXSW Interactive: the land of entrepreneurialism, celebrity keynotes, guerilla marketing – where Twitter was unveiled and Uber launched – all deep in the heart of the “Silicon Hills,” aka Austin, Texas. With nearly 34,000 attendees from across 85 countries and 2700 speakers across 1200 sessions, it’s a marketing spectacular where major brands and startups alike…

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Photo by Roger H. Goun

Can I Quote You on That? Three Interviewing Blunders to Avoid

In my last post, I shared three ways to bungle your product launch and touched briefly on preparing your executives for media interviews. Let’s dig into this a bit more. First, why is media training so important? Because this is a chance to speak to a wider audience and therefore, any missteps can be magnified.…

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