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Tips for Future PR Pros with No Previous PR Experience

With graduation season on the horizon, many graduating seniors are already sick of hearing “any plans after college?” at social gatherings. For those looking for a public relations job, the application process can be a little daunting. Often, agencies are looking for new hires to have previous agency experience as well as one or more…

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Interviewing at SHIFT? 3 Questions to Ask

Since starting at SHIFT almost four years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of being included in the interview process when my team has been looking to fill open positions. Whether interviewing an Account Coordinator or Account Director, it’s been a unique experience to sit on the other side of the table and act as the…

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5 Things I Look for When Hiring in Marketing

Fresh out of college and looking for your first position in marketing (or maybe a public relations position)? You may be surprised that hiring managers are looking for different things than you’d expect or learned in school. Even veteran marketers are being asked to do more with analytics, creativity, and strategy. Having a good track…

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#HireFriday: How Creative = Hired!

At SHIFT, we hire for values, we can be picky, we love people who strive to live beyond good enough. You’ve heard us talk about them in the past, but they aren’t just 7 words to us. They mark the path as guides for employees every day. Stephanie Chan is one such person who stood…

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