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The Self-Importance of Being Honorable in Job Search

Have you ever considered embellishing the truth on a job application or interview? After all, everyone at some point in their career will experience a “questionable departure,” or have some experience on their resume that worries them about their chances to land a new job. You wouldn’t be alone considering that. Fortune Magazine reported that…

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Hire Friday: Turning your PR internship into a Job Offer

So you’ve scored a PR agency internship and you’re ready to put your nose to the grindstone for the next three to six months. Before you jump right into media list building, influencer vetting, and coffee getting (that doesn’t happen too often, I swear!), take the time to build a game plan for how you’ll…

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#HireFriday: How Creative = Hired!

At SHIFT, we hire for values, we can be picky, we love people who strive to live beyond good enough. You’ve heard us talk about them in the past, but they aren’t just 7 words to us. They mark the path as guides for employees every day. Stephanie Chan is one such person who stood…

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Core values must guide your content marketing strategy

At the Social Media Strategies Summit this week, I had the pleasure and privilege to perform the opening keynote for the conference. One of the most important pieces of advice I gave out in the talk was about core values and your content marketing. If you recall the SHIFT Earned Media Hub Strategy, one of…

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#HireFriday: How collisions and culture create innovation

One of the most difficult things to explain about why a company is a great place to work is that defining company culture to outsiders is nearly impossible. A company’s culture is almost 100% inside baseball, meaning it’s made up of all of the inside jokes and all of the shared experiences that the company…

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