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The ‘Ripple Effect’ of COVID-19 pandemic on clinical trials

Clinical trials are the engine room that powers our ability to deliver new treatment options to patients. The rigorous testing and resulting data that help us understand how new treatments work are what propels our industry forward. But the engine room has flipped a switch. Governments have brought in various measures to reduce the number…

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Social Media in Healthcare

Social Media in Healthcare: Why Instagram is its Best Kept Secret

Instagram, the lesser known tool behind social media in healthcare and widespread photo sharing social platform, has an average of 500 million monthly active users and growing. The applications of this platform are endless, but it’s proving to be a fruitful podium for the healthcare industry.  Whether Instagram is providing future medical students the opportunity to follow…

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digital health startup

How to Tackle PR for a Digital Health Startup

Digital health continues to grow as evident from reports across the industry, including those covered by Healthcare Informatics and Healthcare Dive. Changing healthcare economies – value-based care, market consolidation, major players entering/exiting state insurance exchanges, etc. – are simultaneously transforming the industry, creating a prime market for innovation. But the health and medical app arena…

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Turning Hand-Me-Downs into Healthcare Hits

There is almost always going to be another company that is more innovative, taking a new approach or has more acquisitions. In other words, sometimes a client just isn’t worthy of the news that they so badly want to be a part of. The healthcare industry is unique in that it is simultaneously at the…

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Communications Preparations for the ACA

In the next few days, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is set to rule on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and whether subsidies are declared illegal and pulled from the millions of newly insured Americans, or if subsidies are preserved. As background, a healthcare subsidy lowers the amount of money spent on…

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Marcom for Healthcare Providers: Engaging the Empowered Consumer

Today’s consumer has more power than ever before. Tools like social media have enabled everyone to have a louder voice in regards to customer service and brand experiences. When it comes to marketing communications (marcom), healthcare providers face constantly evolving challenges – particularly in relation to engaging the newly empowered consumer. As healthcare teams evaluate their marcom plans,…

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HIMSS15: How-to Position your Organization as a ‘Snowflake’

HIMSS15 is just a few short months away and organizations within the healthcare and health IT industries are in full planning mode for the annual event. As vendors vie for the interest of conference attendees, many are also focused on driving engagement and thought leadership targeting both media and analysts. With this in mind, we wanted…

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Holiday Healthcare Marketing: How Providers Leveraged the Season for Social Good

Another holiday season has come and gone, and once again served as the perfect time to tap into loyal supporters to help those in need. Healthcare providers in particular found creative ways to grasp the hearts of others during this season of giving. They worked hard to spread awareness for their organization’s mission and raise…

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The Writing on the Wall: 4 Tips to Speak to the Healthcare IT Market on Twitter

People are brought together by the act of communicating; it is engrained in our DNA. We have been connecting and forming relationships through conversations since the beginning of time, why would business relationships be any different? We form relationships by connecting through a subject we are passionate about (sports, food or interoperability standards). That conversation…

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Healthcare Brand Engagement Tricks That Definitely Don’t Work

Forget everything you know about brand engagement (and punctuation). We’re entering a scary place: social media and healthcare. The case study for this lesson in healthcare brand engagement will be the following tweet shared by a brand with a verified account: The most awkward places to experience, diarrhea? Go. — Pepto-Bismol (@Pepto) October 27, 2013…

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