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Using Data from Google Tools to Boost Your PR Pitches

If you’re an avid (or even a sometimes) reader of the SHIFT blog, then you already know data-driven public relations is something we know well. Our PR teams have been taking an analytical approach to forming their account strategies for some time, and our clients have been very pleased with the results. As one of…

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An Analytics Christmas Carol

  Are your website numbers turning into a real Ebenezer Scrooge? Before your analytics start saying bah humbug maybe it’s time you were visited by the three spirits of analytics. Ghost of Analytics Past – Google Trends The Ghost of Christmas Past showed Scrooge how things used to be long ago. If your content marketing…

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How the Google Trends Topics Update Will Shake Up Your Content

Google Trends released a new beta feature (topics) this week that points, once again, to how exactly search is changing. It’s not hard to predict that Google will continue to make changes to search in 2014 along these lines, but let’s dig into what this update does and its importance. Not familiar with Google Trends? It’s…

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