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Best of SHIFT: Top 3 Posts from Q1 2014

As each year comes to a close, we like to sneak a peek into the SHIFT archives to see our content hits and misses. When devising a content strategy for a new year, it’s important to take note of what worked (and why) to plan what’s to come next year. Want to see how to…

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Don’t Quit Facebook Yet

Earlier this week Forrester analyst Nate Elliott released another one of his bi-annual  “Facebook is failing marketers” reports that takes aim squarely at Twitter and Facebook when it comes to marketing tactics. In our experience, these so-called reports have been overly broad generalizations with questionable advice and based on sampling, statistical and analytical foibles, according…

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Data doesn’t have to be scary

Big data is a buzzword thrown around in every industry. Companies of all shapes and sizes collect data that can be used to make strategic decisions at every level. Wal-Mart completes one million customer transactions every hour, and with them comes 2.5 petabytes of data. That’s the equivalent of the amount of books in America’s…

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Find your Brand’s Optimum Facebook Strategy

The Facebook news feed algorithm is in constant flux. It’s never a surprise when another ‘update’ materializes in the daily news scan, making the maintenance of a successful social media strategy difficult for marketers and communicators. One of the fundamental truths to Facebook in current environments, however, is that brands (in general) need to pay…

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Another Facebook Algorithm Change: Click-Baiting Bites the Dust

Another day, another Facebook algorithm change to spice up the lives of marketers, PR professionals, and social media managers everywhere. On Monday, Facebook announced a few News Feed “improvements,” including an algorithmic penalty intended for click-bait headlines and photos with links shared in status updates or photo captions versus in Facebook’s native link preview format.…

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Facebook wants you to post more pictures of kittens

For those who don’t follow the ins and outs of social media content algorithms, Facebook announced yesterday that they’re applying a News Feed algorithm change that will penalize text-only updates from Pages. Brands, companies, personalities, bands, musicians, politicians, and anyone else who uses Facebook Pages will now have their text-only updates seen less in the…

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