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The Two Sides of Events (and how to rock them both)

From networking mixers to industry trade shows, SHIFT understands the power of offline engagement (no really, we do). Just as there are two sides to every story, there are also two sides to every event. As PR people, we often get to experience them both – from an attendee/exhibitor-perspective and a conference-perspective. In the past…

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Grab That Beautiful Butterfly, It’s Conference Season

John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey may think the most wonderful time of year is wedding season, but for me – its conference season. That magical first few months that seem to map out the products, services and companies that capture our imaginations, interest or snark for the remainder of the year. Looking at the speaker…

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How We Ran Our Own Consumer Tech Showcase – And How You Can Too

As publicists, we hear it all the time – writers receive hundreds of pitches each day, and they’re exhausted by rote product promotion. This makes breaking through to media challenging, no matter how creative, captivating, or newsworthy the pitch. Whether announcing a new mobile app’s release, or proposing a product for holiday gift guides, it’s…

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Tips for Surviving the Summer Events Season

For most, summertime means getting out of work early on Fridays, a decrease in workload and trips to the beach. For the Consumer team at SHIFT, summertime means event season. Working in Consumer PR often involves hosting a slew of events, and that means you need to plan and execute events to perfection, leaving no…

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What Event Planning PR Can Learn from the ACA Event in Boston

President Obama will be speaking about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) today in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. The Boston local in me is a little miffed that traffic downtown is going to be unbearable, but PR pro is impressed with the decision. Regardless of your support (or lack thereof) of the ACA, the decision to use Boston…

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