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SEO for PR

How PR can Borrow from SEO for Increased Visibility

If you’re a frequent reader of the SHIFT blog, you know we’re all about integrating data-driven strategies and tactics into our everyday PR efforts. Integrated PR and marketing programs are no longer the exception, they’re the rule. SEO tactics are a great place to start. Whether you’re researching data points for a pitch or building…

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How to Build a Data-Driven PR Pitch

“Data-driven” isn’t a buzz word meant to make clients Ooo and Ahhh at its sheer mention. It’s a way of PR life that should guide each decision made in the pitching journey. To be data-driven means to drive using data as our navigational aid. The deliberate choices made on the path to get there, in the best…

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Data Mining in Public Relations (Across All Budgets)

Data speaks. It can persuade new ideas, motivate change, disrupt innovation, elevate brands, stir controversy and expose truths. It matters to consumers, salespeople, CEOs, businesses, investors and most importantly, media. So, naturally it should matter to PR pros. While the media is constantly fighting for readership in a world of clickbait, listicles and memes, the…

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Building the Plane Mid-Flight: SHIFT’s New Website

Maybe nobody cares about websites anymore. Maybe we ought to have forgone a website upgrade and instead focus exclusively on our social channels? Maybe a mobile-only site? Call me old school, but I think a cool, clean, compelling corporate website is still an important part of any company’s approach to the marketplace. It’s a brochure,…

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Beets, Tomatoes…Big Data?

When contestants begin a Food Network’s Chopped challenge, they are given a basket of random ingredients and asked to make an entrée. No recipe books, no Pinterest, no “phone my mom” option. The concoctions created with seemingly unrelated ingredients must flow directly from the minds of the chefs. Did they get a guidebook to follow?…

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