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Brand Existence Amid Heightened Activism & Awareness

The climate today is unlike anything we have seen in a long time. Through the pandemic and recent activism people, at large, have been awakened – awakened to their role in community and politics, awakened to their wellbeing and awakened to a reshaped value and belief system. The convergence of COVID-19 and heightened citizenry has…

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The Self-Importance of Being Honorable in Job Search

Have you ever considered embellishing the truth on a job application or interview? After all, everyone at some point in their career will experience a “questionable departure,” or have some experience on their resume that worries them about their chances to land a new job. You wouldn’t be alone considering that. Fortune Magazine reported that…

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SHIFT: Thanksgiving Edition

We have a lot to be thankful for here at SHIFT, and we’re not afraid to show it! What better way to celebrate a SHIFT Thanksgiving than to round up thoughts from SHIFTers far and wide about what they’re most thankful for? That is, after potlucks at all four offices, of course! As the tryptophan…

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Finding Your Own Work-Life Balance

Not long ago, in a 1:1 meeting with a junior staffer, the subject of “work-life balance” came up. It’s an issue we are fiercely committed to always be tackling, so we ask questions about it a lot. In this particular conversation, the employee tried to call me out by keeping tabs on my own schedule.…

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The Balancing “Act”: Finding a Culture That Fits Work-Life Balance

You hear these terms all the time: “corporate culture” and “work-life balance.” But, what is “corporate culture” exactly, and is there really such a thing as “work-life balance”? I remember coming in for my SHIFTern interview a few months ago and hearing a fellow SHIFTer comment that she hates the term “work-life balance.” As she put it,…

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Answer This: Are You Happy?

Chew on this for a moment: “Life is made of moments. We can choose to create and collect the happy ones.” I had an opportunity to explore this idea when I recently attended the AdClub’s Women’s Leadership Forum. There I had the distinct pleasure of listening to Nataly Kogan of Her story is fascinating,…

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5 Things I Look for When Hiring in Marketing

Fresh out of college and looking for your first position in marketing (or maybe a public relations position)? You may be surprised that hiring managers are looking for different things than you’d expect or learned in school. Even veteran marketers are being asked to do more with analytics, creativity, and strategy. Having a good track…

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Core values must guide your content marketing strategy

At the Social Media Strategies Summit this week, I had the pleasure and privilege to perform the opening keynote for the conference. One of the most important pieces of advice I gave out in the talk was about core values and your content marketing. If you recall the SHIFT Earned Media Hub Strategy, one of…

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