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Coronavirus News

Coronavirus Daily Digest: What Businesses Need to Know – March-May 2020

To help businesses stay up to date on COVID-19, SHIFT compiled a Coronavirus news scan from March through the end of May, as well as helpful resources: May 28, 2020 Another 2.1 million file jobless claims, but total unemployed shrinks, CNBC Jobless claims continue to plunge and persist, even as states have begun reopening. Fashion…

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post-pandemic planning

Post-Pandemic Planning: What Worked Before Won’t Work After

Though many of us are still grappling with real-time communications and decisions, a new reality with lasting changes awaits us on the other end of the pandemic. Even as the economy begins to re-open, business will look different. Consumer behaviors have shifted radically and rapidly. Our advice is simple. Don’t assume that what worked in…

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brand reinvention plant sprouting

Brand Reinvention: Considerations for Now & Post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has required unparalleled business agility. Businesses have had to navigate the knowns, unknowns and uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. They’ve had to adjust marketing plans to ensure appropriate, timely and empathetic communications and solutions – external and internal. These short-term changes are only the beginning of what will be required of brands to…

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covid-19 rules of engagement

Rules of engagement in the time of COVID-19: A brand’s responsibilities

The world is navigating uncharted waters as the COVID-19 crisis evolves on an hourly basis. Much has been written about how brands have responded, from ethical acts of generosity (such as the decision of many major retailers to close stores while paying full wages to staff) to failed marketing stunts that will tarnish reputations long…

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crisis communications prep

Crisis Communications in a 24/7 News Cycle: How to Prepare

The phrase “24/7 news cycle” feels cliché at this point, doesn’t it? It’s no longer a novel issue but a way of life. Tweets go live seconds after an incident happens – sometimes even before a company realizes what’s occurred. Before they know it, it spreads like wildfire and spirals into a full blown crisis.…

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Crisis Communications

What is Crisis Communications?

Crisis communications in the public relations world can have many different interpretations depending on who you ask, but here’s the fundamental definition: you’re trying to mitigate damage to your company’s reputation by third party sources. It’s the reverse of traditional public relations, where you’re trying to acquire the attention and approval of third parties, earning…

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Social Media Crisis

Developing your Social Media Crisis Radar, Part 3

Want to learn about Crisis Radar from square one? Get up to speed by reading Part One and Part Two. Welcome to the third and final blog in our series, “Crisis Communications: Developing your Social Media Crisis Radar.” If you joined us for parts one and two, you are almost ready to test your Crisis Radar…

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Social Media Crisis

Developing Your Social Media Crisis Radar, Part 2

Did you catch the first installment of this series? If not, start your Crisis Radar journey with Part One. Who is the average user on your brand’s social? What is their most common age? Times of peak social media use? Favorite memes? Dimple size? Chances are, you have answers to these questions. Some of them,…

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social media crisis communications

Developing your Social Media Crisis Radar, Part 1

An angry tweet directed at your brand. An unflattering photo of a broken product or promise on social media. Demanding DMs in your inbox. Ah, the dance of the angry customer. Any seasoned social media pro knows them well. They also know that with a touch of sensitivity and maybe a coupon code, they can…

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Three PR Lessons from Scandal’s Olivia Pope

Tonight’s the night. Olivia Pope is back in action as Scandal returns from its midseason break. If you’re like me, you are what’s considered a Scandal addict; if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the basic premise: Pope is a crisis communications consultant for Washington’s finest (or not so finest), helping them manage their image,…

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