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Finance Marketing: How to Create a New Digital Content Strategy

Before diving into a new content strategy, don’t miss the first blog in this series here — where we explore the four obstacles facing finance marketing departments, preventing them from truly performing to the fullest potential. When one typically thinks of finance companies, a few key terms may come to mind – traditional, convoluted, and money-making. These…

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Selfies Are Here to Stay, So How Can Brands Leverage Them?

As much as some of us would hate to admit it, selfies are here to stay. Tens of millions of selfies were snapped in 2013 and use of the word itself has increased by 17,000% since 2012. While many of us Millennials are indeed selfie-obsessed – 55% have posted one on social media as of…

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How the Red Sox Social Strategy Won Washington

It may have been April 1, but the Red Sox were no fools. With the reigning World Series champs in Washington, D.C. for a White House ceremony honoring their 2013 title, the club ultimately won international headlines across sports and news outlets alike on a day when the Affordable Care Act numbers were to be…

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Step Up Your B2B Content Game

Let’s face it: B2B marketing and public relations doesn’t always have the same allure as its shinier consumer counterparts. It has its own unique challenges – which is not to discredit B2C industries because they certainly come with their own difficulties as well. But on the B2B side of the house, it’s not always easy…

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How the Google Trends Topics Update Will Shake Up Your Content

Google Trends released a new beta feature (topics) this week that points, once again, to how exactly search is changing. It’s not hard to predict that Google will continue to make changes to search in 2014 along these lines, but let’s dig into what this update does and its importance. Not familiar with Google Trends? It’s…

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