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Can Brands Really “Be Human?”

Last week, we published a post with content marketing guidelines centered on the “be human” mantra. Since I wrote the blog, I’ve come across several similar posts that tout the opposite – that brands inherently cannot be human no matter how hard they try. Jason Falls put it plainly: “As much as we can teach…

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Be Human: Content Marketing Guidelines

Anyone with social media 101 smarts will tell you the first rule of business is to “be human.” Companies are told they should create personas online to interact with their customers – be a human voice rather than the faceless, corporate voice of an organization. The same advice is often given to digital marketers, but…

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Step Up Your B2B Content Game

Let’s face it: B2B marketing and public relations doesn’t always have the same allure as its shinier consumer counterparts. It has its own unique challenges – which is not to discredit B2C industries because they certainly come with their own difficulties as well. But on the B2B side of the house, it’s not always easy…

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The Role of PR in the Coming Content Marketing Collapse

Mark W. Schaefer wrote a fantastic piece on the Content Shock, in which he ably demonstrated the impending collapse of the current content marketing boom: Image Credit: It’s absolutely required reading, so go read it now. I’ll wait. Welcome back. If content marketing is a big part of your current or future marketing plan,…

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How Content Marketing Could Kill PR

We’ve written at length recently about how public relations can boost content marketing and how public relations can be an integral part of your content marketing strategy. There is a dark side, a reverse side to this topic: content marketing could also kill the effectiveness of your public relations efforts. How? Public relations professionals are more frequently…

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