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Consumer PR and B2B PR

Exploring the Differences between Consumer PR and B2B PR

If you’ve worked with or for a PR agency, chances are you understand the difference between consumer PR and B2B PR. If you haven’t had an opportunity to work on both sides, however, there’s a good chance you may consider “the other” and think “just what are they doing over there?” If this is your…

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Show ‘Em Some Love: Social Media Best Practices for Consumer Brands

We’ve all heard our fair share of radio show call-in segments. You know, the ones discussing dating advice (or horrors) and roommate gripes. While driving to work this week, I listened to a segment that caught my ear; the topic was a bit different than usual. The DJs were asking listeners to call in and…

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Tips for Surviving the Summer Events Season

For most, summertime means getting out of work early on Fridays, a decrease in workload and trips to the beach. For the Consumer team at SHIFT, summertime means event season. Working in Consumer PR often involves hosting a slew of events, and that means you need to plan and execute events to perfection, leaving no…

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