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What It Means to be in a Client Service Business

There’s an overarching trend in the client service business. In fact, a week doesn’t go by in which I don’t have a similar conversation with a company in the throes of the agency search process. They need more brand awareness, their competitors are dominating the press, and their board wants to know what the plan…

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There’s a Ribbon on My Finger

You may not see it, but there’s an imaginary ribbon tied around my left index finger. It reminds me to keep client service top of mind. Recently, my colleague Cathy Summers penned a blog post on when it might be appropriate to fire a client. Admittedly, those instances are few and far between, and are…

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Firing a Client

Being fired by a client is an unpleasant situation, usually for both parties. Expectations were high at the outset, everyone was feeling good, champagne was popped, the PR machine started churning – then something happened. Sometimes it’s a positive outcome for the client, like an acquisition, that leaves the agency out in the cold. Sometimes…

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