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How to Conduct a Remote Broadcast Interview

A broadcast interview is a tremendous awareness-building opportunity. It provides broad reach to key audiences. It validates a company and its spokespeople as thought and market leaders. Often, these opportunities come with little advance warning, tied to breaking news. Experts must quickly ready themselves for in-studio interviews. At times, interviews take place remotely, via video…

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How to Break through the Broadcast Static

Securing broadcast for a client is a unique beast; with thinning newsroom staff and an increasingly faster news cycle, it can be a challenge to get broadcast media to focus on a consumer client. To pitch broadcast, you need to be resilient and smart about how you make your case for coverage. Pitching broadcast media…

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Want to Repeat that Awesome Broadcast Hit? Here’s What NOT to Do.

(Caution: This post contains lots of hockey references – apologies to non-sports fans) For many clients, broadcast coverage is the pinnacle of our PR efforts. For PR pros that means racking our brains for every possible angle to secure that valuable air time – both local and national. While I’m sure every pitch has a…

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