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Branding in the Social Stream

When was the last time you hopped online thinking, “Time to engage with some of my favorite brands”? If you’re human, the answer is likely “never.” You never log-on to your favorite social media sites to interact specifically with brands.  The brands “just happen to be there,” as you read the news, peruse celebrity gossip, check…

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You Can’t Own a Conversation

Hashtags are everywhere. The convention began on Twitter years ago as a way to create centralized conversation topics between people that cared about the same thing but who weren’t necessarily following each other. It eventually spread to Instagram, Facebook and most major social networks. In fact, it’s so pervasive that the phrase has crept into…

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The Beginning: How To Get Started on Social Media in 4 Steps

In a day and age where not being on social media is an anomaly, it’s hard to think of a brand or business who hasn’t dipped its toe in the social waters. Believe it or not, they do exist. And for those brands, making the jump onto social media can be a scary thought. Where…

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The Push/Pull of Branding vs. Lead Generation for PR Paid Strategy

The evolution of the variety of ways a client leverages a PR agency has certainly accelerated in the past few years.  The jump from pure messaging/editorial pitch centers of excellence to a combination of “hits +social” councilors has already solidified both on the B2C and B2B side.  However, as you can see in our earned…

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