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What 4 Winnie the Pooh Characters Can Teach You About Your PR Internship

When starting out at a public relations / marketing internship, everyone in your non-PR life will always ask, “what are you learning?” You’re getting some key, inside info about how companies and brands shape their images. But in the process, you’re also learning about yourself. Each PR / marketing internship is different, but from my…

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Unicorns, Upscaling and the State of Massachusetts Technology

There are a few interrelated themes that have gotten a lot of play in technology press over the past few months. First is that per Fortune, we’re in the age of unicorns, pre-IPO companies with at least $1 Billion valuation. This is quickly followed by the converse questioning of “are there too many unicorns?” and are we…

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What Event Planning PR Can Learn from the ACA Event in Boston

President Obama will be speaking about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) today in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. The Boston local in me is a little miffed that traffic downtown is going to be unbearable, but PR pro is impressed with the decision. Regardless of your support (or lack thereof) of the ACA, the decision to use Boston…

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