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Big Data in PR

Why Big Data Matters in PR

Sick of hearing the term ‘Big Data?’ Good. Me too. There’s literally an article popping up every 15 minutes that addresses ‘How Big Data is Reshaping Industry X.’ Businesses using data isn’t new (in fact, it used to be called Business Intelligence). It’s just become more important because it’s the standard (and developments in technology…

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Why ALL the Data Matters to B2B Marketers

It just feels like data and analytics are becoming mainstream, regardless of industry or discipline, doesn’t it? We’ve been tracking the marketing industry convergence and conversation around data, and when marketers start actively talk about solving “dark social” and “gray social” – it’s for a reason. Marketers are digging deeper, trying to get to every…

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Data doesn’t have to be scary

Big data is a buzzword thrown around in every industry. Companies of all shapes and sizes collect data that can be used to make strategic decisions at every level. Wal-Mart completes one million customer transactions every hour, and with them comes 2.5 petabytes of data. That’s the equivalent of the amount of books in America’s…

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2014 Internet Trends: Mobile Boom, Messaging Shifts and Audience Migrations

Former Morgan Stanley analyst and current Kleiner Perkins investor Mary Meeker presented her annual Internet Trends report yesterday at re/code’s Code Conference. Meeker and KPCB have published a report every year since 2001, providing the technology and media industries with powerful insights into the future of digital and how the world interacts with each other…

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