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B2B Brand Engagement

Three Tips for Boosting B2B Brand Engagement on Twitter

Leveraging social media is a key component of any PR strategy and for B2B brands specifically, Twitter is one of the most commonly used channels. In fact, 87 percent of B2B marketers use Twitter to distribute content.  Twitter can help you better reach customers and prospects, engage employees, share company news, promote upcoming events and…

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Media Training

B2B Media Training: 5 Attributes that Make it Essential

Conducting media interviews remains a cornerstone activity for every enterprise communications program. While the best spokespeople make these exchanges look effortless, it takes considerable investments in strategy, messaging and – above all – preparation. Here are five reasons why media training is so important: 1. Align the Company’s Message Media training forces spokespeople to align…

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The Top 5 Things Every B2B PR Plan Needs

PR planning. Perhaps one of most dreaded but also most essential parts of the communications game. Without a solid plan in place your team and program can feel like a chicken with its head cut off. (For vegetarians I’m not sure what ‘Chik’n’ is like with any head removed but I imagine it is equally…

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B2B Challenges

Top B2B Challenges and How to Solve Them

Whenever I interview a candidate for the B2B tech/services team, I always look for someone that possesses specific characteristics. They have to be solution-focused, driven, creative, curious and thick skinned. Yes, these are all blanket characteristics that anyone would want in an employee and team member.  But, after being in B2B PR for more than…

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Your Biggest Problem with ABM May Be Your CRM: Here Are Six Ways to Fix It

There’s a dirty secret lurking in the average B2B database. If you’re a demand-gen marketer, you may already know what it is, even if you don’t know why. A 2012 study by market intelligence firm IDC determined more than 50 percent of leads in the average B2B contact database are obsolete. And when was the…

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PR Lessons from a Recovering Political Junkie

When I tell people I used to work in political PR, they normally respond with a “that must’ve been exciting” or “wow, never a dull day on that front.”  They’re right.  Political PR is exciting.  It’s thrilling to be at the forefront of major national issues.  Which is why their next question tends to be,…

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Breaking into B2B Tech PR

Developing and implementing public relations programs for organizations in the B2B tech space is a unique challenge, whether it’s in the HR, finance, retail, cybersecurity, enterprise storage or marketing/ad tech industry. This is especially true when first starting out. Whether you’re beginning your PR career altogether or simply making the transition from a more consumer-facing…

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Coming Full Circle – From Tech PR and Back Again

Six months ago, I joined the SHIFT Communications team as an Account Director. In my role, I oversee a variety of B2B tech PR programs, providing strategic direction and managing an exceptional team of professionals. You might have called me a bit of an untraditional candidate when I interviewed, having spent many years in PR…

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Time for B2B Marketers to Pay Attention to Slack?

Marketers need to go where the audience is, and these days that seems to be on Slack. Launched just over two years ago, the platform has seen rapid adoption across the enterprise in a way not seen since the original days of Chatter and Yammer.  The difference for Slack, of course, is that you don’t…

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B2B Marketers: Even more data is coming, are you ready?

The world seems awash in data with trends like IoT, wearables and big data dominating the headlines.  For a B2B marketer, these headlines can feel very consumer oriented and likely not relevant.  They are most concerned with data that falls into their marketing domain (email, web traffic, social, earned media measurement) and feeding sales as much as possible. …

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