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This Week in Tech: Libra regrets and a universal home language

We’ll be taking next week off to eat, drink and be merry with our friends and family over the holidays, so this will be the final TWiT from SHIFT this year decade. For some, the end of December brings back fond memories of a great year. For others, January 1st can’t come soon enough. Ask…

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B2B Tech PR

Using Google Analytics to Inform your B2B Tech PR Program

You may have noticed already that we talk a lot about data-driven PR at SHIFT. It’s not just a topic on our blog, it’s a concept we are encouraged to prioritize in every facet of our PR strategies. We’ve discussed on this blog before how to use a data-driven approach to drafting a pitch, but…

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Making the Shift: A Campaign Veteran Finds a New Home in B2B Tech

Coming to SHIFT from a campaign background, I was excited to see which tricks and tools of the trade I had picked up over years of campaigning would be effective in the world of B2B. I quickly found that while we may all be distant cousins in the professional family tree of public relations and…

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