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4 Things Your Social Media Manager Knows Best About Your Brand’s Audience

Who has been there with your brand’s audience through every industry trend, product release, and flame war? Who has read their nearly every comment and even replied back to quite a few of them? The most dedicated super fan? Possibly, but I’m looking at your social media manager. People in roles like “Community Manager” and…

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Work Hack: Gathering Consumer Insights

Would you ask a room full of toddlers to read the top five food blogs for their perspectives on the FDA’s guidelines for sugar intake as a way to sway them into eat their veggies? Of course not! But you might sit them down – with a yummy snack, of course – and read to…

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Can Brands Really “Be Human?”

Last week, we published a post with content marketing guidelines centered on the “be human” mantra. Since I wrote the blog, I’ve come across several similar posts that tout the opposite – that brands inherently cannot be human no matter how hard they try. Jason Falls put it plainly: “As much as we can teach…

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